14th Century Russian

14th Century Russian. 
Gold linen rubakha. Black worsted wool sorochka self lined with lindsey-woolsey, and trimmed with linen. Grey wool svita, lined and trimmed with linens.  Green wool shuba, lined with a faux fur, trimmed with linens and sheepskin.  Canvas porty.  Green wool onuchi (leg wraps). 
The green kolpak is the same materials as the shuba.  The tall, grey, one is wool, lined with green linen (matching svita), trimmed with sheepskin, and stiffened with birch bark.
All garments are machine sewn, and hand finished (no visible machine stitching). 
My primary reference was the Sofya la Rus page.

Detail of Sorochka neckline.  The inside fabric is an oxford weave,
not checkered.

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