50 for 50

After much consideration, I finally decided to do a material culture Challenge, of 50 different...things.  I count different patterns of the same item (i.e. there are three separate patterns of Svita...), as separate.  I would also like to note that this does not include non-SCA (OOP) items, so there are a few, time consuming, items which I have made, that cannot be counted on this list.

50 for 50
Material Culture

  1. G63 coat: working replica, handsewn with correct seams.  Fully Documented
  2. Skoldehamn hood: working replica—brown fuzzy wool, lined with Lindsey-woolsey, handsewn with wool yarn
  3. Phrygian hat—brown fuzzy wool lined with black linen
  4. Phrygian hat--embroidered with bears for Twobears, slightly different pattern than the above.  Handsewn.  Documented, but lost in a computer crash.
  5. 8th Century Irish Leine x2, one heavy weight browns, one lighter in green/gold/red
  6. Mary Rose Jerkin—wool and canvas.  Documented
  7. Elizabethan shirt (fencing weight)
  8. Gally-gaskins—linen pants for fencing.  Documented
  9. Ivory Thor’s Hammer
  10. Treasure necklace containing above Thor’s hammer
  11. Norse tunic—wool, silk trim, handsewn
  12. Dalmatic—white and red linen for Twobears.
  13. Bliaut—pink linen for Rainna
  14. Bliaut—in cheap material (as a wearable test).  Unusual patterning, with a waist seam and trapezoidal skirt pieces.
  15. Russian Svita—x3 Lightweight wool, for Etain, Fathir, and Rainna.  1 in Green wool flannel for me.
  16. Russian Svita—lightweight wool for Rainna, different pattern than above.  Plus another with this pattern for Tina, blue wool and Sherpa suede.
  17. Russian Rubakha—gold linen tunic, off center keyhole neck.  Birka gores
  18. Birka Pointy hat x2—green wool, lined with gold linen. And Brown wool, blue linen and fake sheepy skin.
  19. Pourpoint gambeson—CdB pourpoint, munitions grade.  Was documented, lost in computer crash
  20. Antler handle seax (cut down blade), and leather sheath
  21. Ionar—green/black wool, tablet woven trim, hand finished. 5-14 to 7-2-12, documented in journal
  22. Phrygian cap—matching above Ionar, hand sewn and decorated.  7-6 to 7-14-12.  13 ¾ hours.  Documented
  23. Henrican Shirt—Men’s shirt (1530s) for Etain.  Hand Finished. 7-2-12 to 7-15-12, 20 ¾ hours.  Documented.
  24. 16th Century Irish Brat—Shaggy fringed wool cloak.  8-6-12 to 8-25-12.  23 ¼ hours.  Documented
  25. Rus Caftan, Senmurv inspired.  Recycled wool and Sherpa suede.  Documented in journal 12-17-12 to 12-19-12
  26. Porty—simple Rus trousers.  Grey wool.  Another pair with a full gusset has also been made in canvas.
  27. Wickelbander, green wool, hemmed and stitched with red thread 1-13-13
  28. Costrel.  Leather water bottle painted with the West populace badge.  Fully documented. 1-8-13 to 1-17-13, approx 11:15 hours.
  29. Thorsjberg Trousers.  Cotton Flannel.
  30. Rus Poofy pants. Blue wool flannel, Thorsjberg type pattern.  Somewhat documented, made on 4-3-13.
  31. Simple Mary Rose era Doublet.  Black/white wool twill, lined with cotton ticking.  Noted in Journal, 4-3/18-13
  32. Sorochka.  Black worsted wool, self-lined with Lindsey-woolsy.  Red trim.  5-3/19-13
  33. 14th Century Svita.  Grey wool, green linen lining, trimmed in red linen.  5-14/24-13
  34. Kaulmuhshuhs.  German Renaissance shoes, leather. 5-27/31-13
  35. Drop spindle.  Soapstone/birch. 10th Century Norse.  6-4/7-13
  36. 16th Century Ring Purse.  Green wool, soapstone bead.  Handsewn.  6-7/11-13
  37. Pannonian Cap for Twobears. Black Sheepskin and grey wool lining. 7-3/6-13
  38. 14th Century Kolpak.  Linen, wool, sheepskin, birch bark.  7-6/8-13.  And the writeup.
  39. Targa.  Aluminum and leather (first time metalworking).  7-26/8-2-13
  40. Kolpak. Three piece pattern, green wool, faux fur, sheepskin.  1-14/15-14
  41. Heynes pattern Cloth Mittens. Wool.  1-20/21-14
  42. Moselund Kirtle.  Handsewn wool reproduction.  1-27/3-14-2014.  Fully Documented
  43. Tarsoly.  Leather, fabric, brass.  4-1/20-14.
  44. Naalbinding Needles, moose bone.  11 made as largess for Her Majesty, Queen Violante.
  45. 14th Century Women's Hood, for Princess Bella Hawke.  Wool, handsewn.  10-13/11-16-14.  Fully Documented.
  46. Norse Shoes.  12-11-14/1-6-15.  Documented. 
  47. Pluderhosen.  8-2012/1-2015.  Documented 
  48. 1370s cotehardie, fully handsewn.  2-4-15/4-30-15.  Fully Documented.
  49.  Dungiven Jacket recreation.  Fully handsewn.  10-7/12-21-15.  Fully Documented.
  50. Elizabethan Tall hat.  Handsewn.  2-1/7-16.  Fully Documented. 
  51. Norlund 78 Hood.  Handsewn and Fully documented.  2-6/24-16 

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