Monday, May 7, 2018

Peasant Fashion in the Low Countries: Stage One

Some time ago--in response to having been recently working on a garment which was for high court--I decided I wanted to play with Low Countries clothing.  Specifically, peasant clothing.  Fashion A La Brueghel, as I immediately dubbed it.  Historical Dutch beer may have also been involved in this decision, because who doesn't design an outfit to match a beer they might be drinking?

That is where I ran into a snag.  While there are several excellent articles out there on /women's/ Low Countries clothing, the selection of articles covering the details for menswear was decidedly lacking.  So, naturally, I decided I needed to do a bunch of research and write my own articles on the topic.  I fairly quickly decided on the plan of going through the artwork of Brueghel and other Flemish artists of the period, and winnowing out any pieces which did not have usable details; so marking down any paintings which had the distinctive clothing of the correct class (i.e. Not Nobility), and which weren't purely allegorical and religious in tone since the clothing of those is often suspect.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

HSM #3 Comfort at Home: Moderator Favourites

I am late coming to this post, at least in part due to my job--but I finally have the time and energy to get it done; so apologies on how late it is. 

As a review, the Historical Sew Monthly (link to the right) challenge for March was Comfort at Home--clothing which would be worn /only/ or at least primarily around the house, either just as a comfortable alternative to more constrictive public clothing, or in order to work in.  As I wrote the Inspiration Post for it, the task of assembling the Moderator's Favourites post also fell to me.  To qualify for the Moderator's Choice award (which admittedly gets you nothing but a mild fuzzy feeling), you needed to have your photo in the album by the end of the challenge month.