Friday, March 6, 2015

Research Dump No. 6

Shoe notes
 A collection of notes about a pair of shoes based on the Oseberg.  I believe the information is good, but it is an angelfire have your pop-up blocker ready. 

An article on a collection of toys found hidden in an English church.  

A decent article discussing the various pieces and layers of clothing from this period. 

Photographs of Le Livre de la Chasse, 1407 edition.  

MS. Bodl. 264.  Romance of Alexander 

Vincent de Beauvais: Speculum historiale (vol.1), French translation [Miroir Historial] by Jean de Vignay  

The Number of Motion: Camillo Agrippa’s Geometrical Fencing and the Enumeration of the Body  

Becoming a Peer, Zsof's Rules 

A 15th Century Italian Quilted Blanket
by Senhora Rafaella d’Allemtejo, GdS
Documentation for a wadded quilt in the Italian style.…/kingdom_AS/blanket.pdf

“Ena silkes tröya” – clothing bequests in Finnish medieval wills.
by Piia Lempiäinen
This paper studies bequeathing practices and clothing terminology in medieval Finnish wills found from the Diplomatarium Fennicum database and compares them to other Nordic countries. The use of wills as a source for dress and textile studies is discussed and the concept of clothing bequests is examined. The material shows how clothing donations demonstrate the medieval practice of gift-giving, where favours, allegiance, and power were traded and negotiated with tangible objects, such as clothing, that had both monetary as well as symbolic value. After this, clothing terminology is discussed with the help of previous Nordic research and different clothing terms used in the wills are presented and analysed. The study indicates that clothing was bequeathed in the same ways as in other Nordic countries using similar terms. Finally it is suggested that the source-based terminology should be used together with modern neutral terminology especially when the language of the research is different from the language of the sources to accurately communicate the information to others.

Heraldic Plaque Belt 14-15th Century
A piece of documentation on metal casting 

Skjoldehamn Arm Cuff Band and other Related Miscellany
A paper on the theoretical construction on the woven trim on a Skjoldehamn sleeve, and (possible) updates on the find in general.

My Redaction of the 1666 Hatmaking Process
The steps of making a blocked felt hat from a period text.

Documentation for a pair of shoes based on the Oseberb 172s.

A Reconstruction of Roman Provincial and Barbarian Dress in the Hungarian National Museum

1300-Year old Ski is being Reconstructed
 Tantalizing hints on a medieval ski. 

Warm, Dry, and Happy
An article on handling the cold weather...medieval style. 

Experimental research of crucible steel: a new insight and historical reflection  


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