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Bliaut Bibliography

I decided (more or less randomly) to throw this bibliography on the bliaut together from the various links I had, plus a look for new ones.  

The bliaut appears in the 12th Century as the most common main layer of clothing in Western Europe.  As a general rule, it is close fitting in the torso, has sleeves with varying degrees of pendulous cuffs, and may or may not have horizontal wrinkles at the waist.  The neckline is usually a keyhole or slit.


Bliauts, Broad Skirts and Belled Sleeves: making the court dress of 12th century Western Europe
As far as I am concerned, this is the best article on the subject of bliauts.  It gives an introduction, as well as patterns, variations of the style, and a look at contemporary sources.  Has information on men’s clothing as well as ladies.

Introduction to Twelfth Century Western European Clothing for Women and Men
I believe this is essentially the same article as above.

The Bliaut throughout 12th Century Europe
A very good article, sorting some bliaut images by country and discussing in brief what is visible in each.  It also talks about several theories, both newer and outdated.

Scandinavian Bliauts
A collection of period pieces of artwork, mostly from Sweden, showing the bliaut.

A Brief Overview of 12th Century Clothing
A better overview, covering the layers.

Clothing of Norman Women in the Late 11th and Early 12th Centuries
Exactly that.  Points out and discusses some pieces of artwork from the period in brief.  It also talks about the headwear.

A 12th Century Bliaut
Just a vague overview, but includes a pattern with what measurements you need.

A Green Bliaut
Again, mainly a vague overview (it is documentation), but with a brief discussion on the pleated-on skirt style of bliaut.

Costume of a 12h Century Lady
Breaks down the clothing worn in The Adoration of the Magi (Whalebone carving from Spain).

12th Century Dress
Another piece of documentation taking a look at some period images, and showing several bliauts made by the author.

12th Century Woman’s Bliaut, Chainse, and belt
While the fabric chosen is just….  This is actually a good piece of documentation—the author goes over a number of points in the artwork, including something on the belts.

The Checked Bliaut
A piece of documentation for a dress based on a German image of a checked bliaut.

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