Saturday, May 5, 2018

HSM #3 Comfort at Home: Moderator Favourites

I am late coming to this post, at least in part due to my job--but I finally have the time and energy to get it done; so apologies on how late it is. 

As a review, the Historical Sew Monthly (link to the right) challenge for March was Comfort at Home--clothing which would be worn /only/ or at least primarily around the house, either just as a comfortable alternative to more constrictive public clothing, or in order to work in.  As I wrote the Inspiration Post for it, the task of assembling the Moderator's Favourites post also fell to me.  To qualify for the Moderator's Choice award (which admittedly gets you nothing but a mild fuzzy feeling), you needed to have your photo in the album by the end of the challenge month.

And sew, in no particular order--other than what I received the write-ups from my fellow admins in--here are the choices.  Asides in italics are my comments, and the links go to the photo in the Facebook album (unless they wrote a blog post).

I love the photo, it’s so cute. Not to mention I have crazy bed hair issues which I think this cap would solve. I’m so gonna make one!

Not only are these little slippers absolutely charming, and made from instructions of the era, but Raquel is actually wearing and using them. Comfort at home - literally!

(No photo because Instagram won't allow me to snag it)
Chemises are the better nightgowns! Chiara made this beautiful chemise, which can also work as a nightgown. Is there anything more comfortable than a plain white chemise? And this one turned out really great!

Klára:  Vanessa's Regency Smock Apron (link to full blog post write-up)
During history men often work outside house and relax at home, but for women, house was place of daily chores, not resting place. Apron represents very well women duties at home – It was used during cooking and cleaning. More aprons were submitted for this challenge, but I like this one for being based upon extant piece and for its utilitarian look.

There were several bedgowns in this challenge and I liked all of them particularly this time around; I went with this one because I can always be impressed with mad piecing skills!

As always, I am a sucker for a good write-up--document everything, folks!  Even so, I had a hard time deciding which to choose, with all the submissions--both intriguing and simple.  Alyssa--in addition to providing well set up photos which include greenery (something I hadn't seen in 6 months)--included reasons for many of her decisions in the project, all the way back to how she ended up choosing this project.  It is also a slightly more complicated project than just a simple apron--the thing has darts in it!--and was drafted from a period pattern.

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