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Re-enactment Craft Groups on Facebook.

For you textile geeks and sewers out there who regularly use Facebook, I want to share this listing of groups dedicated to recreating various crafts (mostly clothing focused).  I am quite sure there are a number of groups out there that I have missed.  Links do not open in a new window.

UPDATED: 4-14-15
UPDATED: 5-24-16

~~~Clothing groups, Specific Cultures.

SCA Egypt:  A group for those interested in portraying Egyptians, of any (SCA) period.  It is a small, new, group, but very active.

Roman's of the S.C.A:  Seems to have a good blend of links, discussions, and other random things, with no vendors.  

Ancient Magyar Study Group:  Studying the Hungarian region from roughly 895-1000AD.  Slow, very small group.

Natives of the SCA:  Pre-16th Century Native American persona research/clothing.  Exceedingly slow and tiny.

Slavic Interest Group:  Covering medieval and renaissance Russia, Poland, and various other Balkan states.  Very helpful, and fairly active.

SCA Irish - Early Christian and Viking Age:  A small, and focused group for 400-1100AD Irish clothing and culture. Helpful, but not that active.

Anglo-Saxon Clothing:  Very small and fairly new, but helpful.  
Éire of the Middle Ages (SCA):  Discussions of medieval Ireland, as it pertains to the SCA personas.  More culture and history than costuming.

Vendel Period Studies:  An academic group for the study of the period preceding the Viking age in Northern Europe.

Migration Period History & Re-enactment:  An Extremely small group for the study of pre-"viking" Northern cultures.  

Viking Clothing (SCA style):  The most relaxed of the Viking clothing groups.  This group is aimed at more creative and less scholarly clothing.

Viking Clothing:  A helpful group of re-enactors aiming at more accurate results.  Sadly, sales adds are allowed (in the form of people “showing off” their work).  There is also a tendency for "better than thou" type people to gravitate to this group.

Viking Gear: . Companion group to the above for Viking non-clothing stuff.

Scholarly Discussion on Viking Age Clothing:  A small group, dedicated specifically towards material evidence and the interpretation thereof.

Finnish Iron Age: .  A small, period specific group.

Herjolfsnes Challenge:  This slow group is for participants in a challenge to recreate clothing from the Herjolfsnes finds in medieval Greenland.  So, very specific in period, but helpful if that is what you're working on.

Mongols and Russians and Scythians, Oh my!!:  A group for Steppes Personas in the SCA.

Byzantine Research and Recreation:  For the study of the Eastern Roman Empire.  This is a small SCA focused group, and not particularly active, although people will see if you post.

SCA Byzanteam:  Same as the above, but more active.  And...lighthearted, though still focused.

SCA Iberia: A friendly research group for the study of Spanish life in the middle ages and Renaissance.

Ottoman Empire Clothiers: A small group dedicated to the clothing of the pre-17th Century Ottoman Empire.  It is not the most active group, but isn’t dead, either.

SCA Ottoman Clothing:  Pre-16th Century Ottoman clothing.  Friendly and helpful.

Persian Clothiers:  Not just clothing, but everything in that era.  Fairly helpful.  

SCA Seljuq Empire:  Just started (5.24-16)

SCA Middle Eastern and Mediterranean:  Helpful and for Islamic related cultures in the SCA.  

SCA Japanese:  Fairly active and helpful.

Medieval Asian Garb & Armour:  Somewhat active and helpful.  

Loggia Vecchio - 15th C Italian clothes, art & culture:  Primarily links and articles.

Medieval Low-Countries Reenactment: A very small group for the study of the region of Belgian and the Netherlands, regardless of period.

German Renaissance Clothing:  A reference for costumers focusing on 1490-1600 in Germany.  Small group.

SCA Landsknecht:  For those interested in or having a Landsknecht persona.  They discuss anything under the purview, but particularly clothing.

Authentic Pirate Living History:  Somewhat active, and decent.  Specifically for recreating the Golden Age of Piracy, with an eye towards debunking the "Hollywood" pirates. 

~~~Clothing groups, Chronological

Iron Age Living History: For experimental archaeology and people focused on accuracy in this era.  Fairly slow group.

Vendel Period Studies:  An academic group for the study of the period preceding the Viking age in Northern Europe.

SCA Celts and Early Period:  Slow, but well mannered.  

12th Century Workshops:  A small group covering the making of 12th century clothing.

14h Century Mafia:  Dedicated to all aspects of recreating and studying the “One True Period”.

Age of the Cotehardie:  The FB home for the old Yahoo group of the same name.  This group covers any and all topics in 1350-1450 (Europe).  Medium levels of activity, and helpful within their purview.

15th Century Clothing and Culture:  A source to discuss all aspects of culture in the 15th Century.

16th Century Anglo-Scottish Border Reiver Reenactors:  A group for those interested in reenacting that specific period.  A slow group.

Elizabethan Costuming:  One of the most active and helpful clothing groups on Facebook.  Ask a (on topic) question, and it will likely be answered quickly…as well as spark a discussion.  While the focus is Elizabethan, other countries during that time, as well as late Tudor is also allowed.

16th and 17th Century Clothing:  The quality of the posts varies, but they seem to be helpful enough, and are a large group.

1670s to 1720s:  A variety of information on the general era--does not focus on costuming.     

Authentic Pirate Living History:  A group for those interested in re-enacting NON-Hollywood sailors and pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy (1690-1725ish).

Jacobite Rising Reenactors:  Dealing with re-enactors of the Scottish Jacobite rebellions.  Very helpful, but mostly lead by one person.   

18th Century Sewing:  The group is fairly small, and slow, but is the only one for this period (that I’ve found).

Costuming of the Enlightenment:  A second (but still small) group for 18th Century Costuming.  Seems to be a helpful group.   

Jane Austen, Regency, Napoleonic Costuming Group:   Fairly active and helpful.

Regency Costuming:  For those interested in costuming this era.  It has been around for a while, but was a private group until this year.  They are quite helpful.   

Victorian Costuming Bees:  For HA Victorian costuming, including accessories/hair.  Fairly friendly.

The Civilian Civil War Closet:  Seems to be a fairly helpful and active group.  Allows some sales, but it isn't overboard like some groups.  

1920s-30s Costumers Support Group:  Helpful.  Good group balance between questions and shared items.   

~~~Craft Specific Groups

Historical Leatherwork:  Extremely small, and slow.  However, if there is enough of an influx of new people who start to use it, it could come back.  

Medieval Shoes and Boots:  Small, newer group

Bone, antler, ivory and horn crafting:  Quite active, but not entirely historical (mostly is though).  There are occasional sales adds, and it is mostly people showing off what they have made.

Natural Dyeing:  Not specifically historical, but still helpful for the topic as long as you know what topic you're interested in.

Historic Spinning:  Somewhat slow.    

Inkle Weaving:  "For the weaving of narrow, warp faced, cloth."   

Historic Tablet Weaving:  Helpful, and many people show of their drool-worthy work.

Historic Fabric Weaving: .  Specifically for weaving.

Historical Warp Weighted Looms:  Small, not particularly busy, but friendly.

Printed Textiles in the Middle Ages:  A research and help group for the study and recreation of printed (as opposed to woven patterned) textiles within the SCA period.

Historic Knitting:  Historical knitting of all eras.  Somewhat slow.  

Nalbinding:  Specifically for the craft.  Though smallish, it is active(ish)…but focused.

Posaments:  For the study and recreation of the Viking Age braided metal

Early Period Lacemakers:  Fairly helpful, but slow.

Bobbin Lace Making:   

Luceteers:  Fairly slow, and led by one person.  For lucetting (making various cords on a lucet, a two horned device).
Recently (5-16) has seriously jumped in activity.  It's now worth joining if you use a lucet.

Viking Era Textiles and Fiber Arts:

Historic Hand Embroidery:  A place to show off your work, and discuss resources for hand embroidery throughout history.

Medieval Woodworking:  Study and recreating the subject.  Medium sized group, but slow.

Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Colonial Furniture and Woodenware:  Handmade wooden items from pre-mid-1800s.  Adds are allowed, but not that common.

SCA Cooks:  A small group, still getting started.  However, if you ask a question, someone may have the answer.

West Cooks:  Medieval Cooking group for The West Kingdom

Medieval and Renaissance Cooking, and Recipes:  Decent group for the subject.  Seems to be fairly helpful.

SCA Scribes:  For showing off, discussing, and getting suggestions on scribal work.

SCA Printers and Bookbinders:  Pre-17th Century Bookbinding.  Mostly shared items.   

SCA Alchemy and related Sciences Discussion Group:  A small, and very slow group, but it is the only one of its kind.

West Kingdom Gardening: .  Medieval gardening group for the SCA West Kingdom.  

Historical Metallurgy:  Slow, and mostly links.

SCA Metalworking and Jewelers:  Brand new group (6-29-15)   

Medieval Pewterers Guild:  Extremely small, and mostly dead. 

Medieval Games:  A very small, slow group, but it is there if you have a question about medieval games or want to show off something you made.

SCA Medieval and Renaissance Dance: .  A bit slow, and friendly.  

Largess Makers:  A fairly active group for the sharing of SCA largess ideas.

SCA Rapier Armour Makers:  The group for making and adapting period clothing to the requirements for rapier in the SCA.

Millinery Artisan Guild:  Completely non-historical, but for making structured hats, mostly womens.

Mad Hatters:  Far more historical than the above, covering most periods and hat styles.  

SCA Hats:  

~~~General Groups

SCA Garb:  Very general.  The group is very helpful and can generally help answer your question on SCA garb.  You do see a lot that ranges for HA to Hollywood or worse. Now requires every post to be approved by a moderator.

SCA Garb How-to: Companion group to the above, focusing more on techniques.

SCA Costumers:  Yet another general SCA costuming group.   

SCA Runway:  A place to show off your finest SCA fashions for compliments or critique.

Period Costuming Support Group:  A group serving as a sounding board for SCA period “style” costuming.

SCA Arts and Science:  Another place to share your SCA Arts and Sciences projects.

Making it Real:  Mostly SCA for artisans who want to improve in whatever their craft may be.  Somewhat slow and helpful.  

Arts and Science of the "Current"  Middle Ages:  Yet another place to show off your SCA projects.

Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism:  A place for people to share their projects.  There appears to be a fairly high bar set on this page’s works.

The Authenticity Office: A place for people to check with various “experts” on the accuracy of an item, particularly before buying.  There is no specific period, but you see a lot of Viking age posts.

Reenactment Clothing and Textiles:  A large, international group studying the subject up until early 19th Century.

Historical and Period Sewing Projects:  A friendly, but small, group for historical sewing projects, up until around 1900.  It was created as a general historical sewing group that is not specifically SCA, or a Challenge group.

Ask the Laurels:  A place for non-laurels to ask Laurels questions regarding the peerage, in particular. 

Apprentices’ Alley: Where SCA Apprentices can come and hang out, get advice, without peer pressure.  That means you must be an Apprentice to join, and no Laurels or sitting Peers may enter.

The Artisan Support Network:  A group for helping those entering SCA competitions with their documentation or judging.

AS 50 for 50 AandS Challenge:  A place for those who are doing the challenge to show off when they finish a project.  It is a slow group.

The Historical Sew Fortnightly: A group for the participators in The Historical Sew Monthly (newer link is on my sidebar), and lurkers interested in the topic.  A very general group, covering the majority of periods, though with a focus on 19th century.  One of my favourite groups. 


Sewing for Steampunk and Cosplay: A less than period group, but still, they are fairly helpful for figuring out how to do things which is outside the purview of about every other group on the list.

Tailoring for Steampunk and Cosplay:  Branched off of the above, and is focused more on men's wear, and clothing construction methods which come from that (I.e. Traditional Tailoring).  Mostly helpful, but lead by one person.   

Shear Madness: The Joy of Impractical Costuming: .  A costuming group for the bizaar, and utterly impractical.  Mostly is shared examples, but questions are occasionally asked. 

Stitches in Time:  A Doctor Who cosplay creation group, specifically for knitting the Fourth Doctor's scarf.

Mead:  A non-historical group (although you can find many SCAdians there), but an excellent resource for anyone making mead.  Very helpful group.

Milk the Funk:  For brewers of wild, sour, and funky beers.  Extremely active and helpful.   

Home Brewers: Another brewing group, where people ask for help and show off their recent fermentations.

BIAB--Brew in a Bag: .  For the specific, newer method of single vessel brewing, and variations thereof.  Fairly active and helpful.

True Brew:  Brewing group for sharing recipes.

Home Winemaking:  A friendly group of winemakers, both grape and other country wines.

Cider: The last of the homebrewing groups, focusing on varieties of hard cider only.  This is a very small group.

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