Thursday, July 9, 2015

Research Dump, No 8

Included in this edition are several links on 16th century clothing, a couple of treatises from the same period, Romani and Chinese clothings, and numerous other subjects.

Notes and Illustrations on Regency Clothing Styles

(I should note that it naturally only covers women's clothing)

Women's Dress and  Dance of the 16th Century Ottoman Empire

Early 16th Century German Peasant Clothing
Some decent information, but I definitely do NOT agree with some of the author's suggestions on recreating it easily. 

Elizabethan House - Robert and Laura Mellin: Clothing and Accessories
A basic overview of Elizabethan clothing. 

Grisone, Federico:Künstlicher Bericht, ... wie die streitbaren Pferd ... vollkommen zu machen 
A German Horsemanship treatise from the end of the 16th Century.  Specifically regarding hard to break horses. 

Sixteenth-Century Pockets by Rebecca Unsworth
Sadly, just tantalizing hints. Hopefully when she publishes her research. it will eventually be available. 

The Role of the Wax Tablet in Medieval Literacy: A Reconsideration in Light of a Recent Find from York.
The Chinese through Abbasid eyes
A recent translation of a 1100-year-old report by an Arab adventurer allows us to see Tang Dynasty China through 9th century Arab eyes
An interesting little article.  

Making Shoemaker's Coad
An article on making code, or shoemakers wax.  A mix of pine tar and resin, it is used to lubricate and (unlike pure beeswax) make your thread sticky.  The rest of the blog is fascinating as well.

On Drawing the Bow
A short paper on the various forms releasing a bow string, with a focus on the ancient Egyptian.

Mainly discusses the average height, and points out that some of the dogs lived to be fairly old (naturally lost teeth). What modern breeds they are closest to will have to wait until genetic testing, I believe.

Abiti e tessuti : Clothing and Textiles, 16-17th Century
Another find of burial clothing--this time on mummies. There is some info on the finishing details used on the shirts and hosen.  I'll leave it to you to run it through your favourite translator service. 

Late 6-7th century shoes from Sutton Hoo Sf9 Mound 1
Process documentation for the above article.

8th Century – Tang Dynasty China
A decent article on the clothing of this period.  Unfortunately, it only covers women's clothing.

An English archery manual from 1545.

Extant Shoes & Boots  - Summary of Finds from Very Early to 10th Century

Fortune-tellers and Telling Sympathies: Innovations of Carvaggio's Fortune-teller
A paper analyzing the Renaissance painting.

Gypsy Women's Costume in the Renaissance
A brief piece of documentation, primarily on the wrap being worn.

The Larsdatter page for "gypsies" in Renaissance Europe. 

"Stroke" Gathers
An article on a method of gathering linen for shirts.  While the article is for the 18th Century, I believe it is applicable to the Renaissance as well.

The Production and Planning Process of the Book of Kells
A thesis discussing the...theory...that making a manuscript was as simple as copying text, and why this belief is wrong.

The Anglo-Saxon War-Culture and The Lord of the Rings: Legacy and Reappraisal
A short paper comparing LotR with Anglo-Saxon epics--mainly Beowulf. There is also a better paper on the subject out there, which I shared a few years ago.

"A Man's Caftan and Leggings from the North Caucasus of the Eighth to Tenth Century: A Conservator's Report": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 36 (2001)
An excellent article on the Moshchevaja Balka finds, with information both on the finds in general, and silk weaving in that period.

Padding and quilting 14th and 15th century garments — how much extra fabric?
A fresh article from Cotte Simple.

Evidence for shield construction from the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery site of Tranmer House,
Bromeswell, Suffolk

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